Why attend?


•            Explore opportunities to contribute to new and existing CSA partnerships
•            Learn from industry best practice collaborations to assess the practicality and return for investment and contribution


Private Sector

•            Network with key decision makers and influencers investing in products and services that support a climate-smart approach to agriculture
•            Understand the challenges of prospective partners to ensure their requirements are met by new offerings and services



•            Understand key points for consideration when creating enabling policy framework
•            Communicate policy information, plans and initiatives with the wider agricultural community
•            Network with a multitude of stakeholders for future partnerships and projects


NGOs/Agriculture Associations

•            Partner with key stakeholders to grow existing initiatives and develop new ones
•            Meet investors and donors with resources to mobilise key projects
•            Learn from industry best practice to improve current processes
•            Understand evolving policy framework to futureproof strategy