For 14 years, the Aid & International Development Forum (AIDF) has been the leading independent platform bringing together humanitarian thought leaders, regional governments, NGOs, Civil Societies, aid agencies, UN and donor organisations, and the private sector to establish collaborations, gain expertise and exchange experiences.

Building on our expertise in Food Security, and developed in consultation with key government and UN bodies,  of our inaugural CSA summit will unite 300 senior-level representatives from UN Agencies, NGOS, Investors and Governments, agricultural associations and

private sector partners, to explore policy updates, best practice and innovations for CSA in Africa. The event will identify solutions to overcome key barriers  to CSA adoption, provide a platform for information sharing from key policy makers and regulators,  and showcase success stories from across the African region as a foundation for future projects.



Why now, Why Africa?



The event will provide an unique opportunity for attendees to develop partnerships, devise and fast track new policies and investment and ultimately drive forward Africa’s ability to produce double the amount of food by 2050,  bolster the socio economic and health of 2.6bn Africans, and mitigate harmful emissions.

To apply to be part of the summit and be involved in the seminal discussions around the future of Africa’s Climate-Smart Strategy, please register your interest here.