Sponsorship Opportunities at the Africa Climate Smart Agriculture Summit

Position your organisation alongside industry leaders and engage at the highest levels with regional governments, donor and UN agencies, investors, development banks, farmers’ associations, NGOs, research institutes and media.

Africa Climate Smart Agriculture Summit offers a selection of partnership opportunities, tailored to meet your specific needs, including thought leadership on and off stage, targeted branding exposure through our comprehensive marketing campaigns, enhanced on-the-day visibility, hosting topic-specific roundtables, workshops, session partnership and a limited number of exhibition spaces in the networking area. To find out more about becoming strategic partner, please contact Jacob Green on +44 (0)20 7871 0188 or email jgreen@aidforum.org

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Thought Leadership

Be seen as an expert in your field!

Our partners are recognised as thought leaders for their significant contribution to the food security and climate-smart agriculture initiatives.

If you have a compelling case study, one that will inspire and inform other influencers and decision makers, then we have an exclusive audience eager to hear from you – please contact Alexandra Brown, Product Manager on +44 (0)20 7871 0188 or abrown@aidforum.org for speaking opportunities available at the Africa Climate Smart Agriculture Summit.

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Exhibition Stand

The networking area will double up as an exhibition area for a selected, limited number of private sector players.

The stand is an effective way to engage with and showcase your products and services to the high-level decision attendees of the Africa Climate Smart Agriculture Summit.

Your dedicated stand acts as a meeting point for participants interested to find out more about your solutions.

Contact us to find out your options

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Lunch, Coffee Breaks & Evening Reception

Networking breaks allow you to target new clients, build lasting partnerships and strengthen existing relationships.

We ensure high-level participation of key stakeholders at the Africa Climate Smart Agriculture Summit so that discussions have impact.

Join Africa Climate Smart Agriculture Summit as a strategic partner

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The Africa Climate Smart Agriculture Summit will be of benefit to the companies from the following sectors:

  • Seed companies, GM / biotech & chemical companies 
    • Plant growing and plant breeding: crops, seeds and plants, horticulture, fruit-growing and vegetable gardening
    • Agrochemicals and fertilizers: plant protection, chemical and organic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides
    • Organic farming
  • Agricultural Machinery Companies                                                                     
    • Tractors, harvest tools, agri mechanisation
    • Service & maintenance / Storage & transport
  • Irrigation solutions
    • Portable water abstraction solutions
    • Water purifier & portable water treatment solutions
    • Pumps, drills, small-scale or low-cost rural irrigation systems 
  • ICT Solutions
    • ICT-enabled climate information services
    • Geospatial Analysis, Remote Sensing Knowledge & data management solutions
    • mAgri and Communication with communities: radio, internet solutions, SMS services
    • Data collection and mapping
    • Automation, GPS and GIS technology for agriculture
    • Community ICT: ­ Awareness, Participatory sensing, Climate­ Smart Agriculture Journey Substitution / Dematerialisation: Videoconferencing, Renewable energy sources
    • EWS (Early Warning Systems)
  • Finance / Insurance
    • Institutional Investors, privatisation and investment promotion agencies
    • Weather, crop and livestock insurance
    • Climate Finance
  • Marketing solutions / Recruitment agencies / Training providers / Legal advisers / Consultancies / Procurement agencies & tendering services